Ruby Veridiano’s “The Glamourbaby Diaries”


From AUDREY The Asian American Women’s Lifestyle Magazine

Photography: Hans Cubacub

Styling: Iel Abanilla

Hair & Makeup: Chyla Guerrero

Clothes and Accessories: The Ramp Crossings,

Cole Vintage, SoFab, and Gold Dot

What’s a Glamourbaby, you may ask?  Well, it is much, much more than the implied wealth, clothes, jewels and superficial beauty.  According to Ruby Veridiano, being Glamourbaby goes much further beyond these things.

Ruby Veridiano is a self-described “glamour girl off to change the world.” Even better, she’s a girl with a mission – a mission to change the world, one young woman at a time. Stemming from a desire to empower young women, Veridiano’s campaign to “Redefine Glamour” gives them the knowledge, attitudes and skills to not be afraid to challenge popular societal notions of what is considered beauty and glamour.

Veridiano hosts writing workshops, known as Glamourbaby Diaries. Through fashion and art, Ruby allows “participants [to] gain tools that build self-confidence, inner beauty, social awareness, and leadership, inspiring them to embrace their highest potential to become agents of social change.” Veridano connects two worlds that would never seem related – fashion and social advocacy – in a way that is provocative, critical and inspiring. For the Asian American woman, this means “learn[ing] about the unique struggles that Asian American women face, and find parallels across multi-cultural upbringings.”

Read more about Ruby and her work here:

The Glamorous Life: Ruby Veridiano

Winter Issue Extra: Ruby Veridiano

Kristine from AUDREY Magazine. August 30, 2012. Redefining Glamour: Ruby Veridiano’s “The Glamourbaby Diaries”. 

September 4, 2012 from


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